What Is Stove To Go?

The Next Generation Of Portable Stoves

stove to go parts

Stove To Go is a portable Eco-friendly stove that can be taken anywhere from outdoor camping trips to tailgate parties. Its horseshoe shaped design is made out of the highest quality materials. It includes features such as:

  • SU304 Stainless Steel Burning Furnace
  • Durable new concave 3D cyclone combustion auxiliary system
  • USB battery powered (Propane free)
  • Fast loading and unloading air base
  • Integrated fire control
  • Excellent ventilation and cooling system
  • Long-term burning furnace body
  • Ground anchor for stability
  • Spacious filling port for fuel

stove to go ignition guide

Stove To Go does not need propane. Instead, it is battery powered and uses whatever you can find from your surroundings as fuel. Things like twigs, leaves, grass, etc all can be used.

It is very light weight and easy to use. Make your next outdoor trip easier and more enjoyable with your own Stove To Go!